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Welcome Pilgrims

This web site is dedicated to the great John Wayne. I will try to be different than most of the other Duke sites. Most of them give lots of information about his films, a filmography, pictures from his films, etc. Most of these sites don't change after they are posted. The content of this site will change from time to time, if you join my mailing list I will notify you when there are changes or new features added. To join the mailing list go to this page, mailing list link or send me your comments by using the link at the bottom of this or any page on the site.

My views and information about John Wayne and the topics I select are gleaned from many different sources, print (books, magazines), Internet, and general media. A sources page link is in the table below for you to consult. I hope you will return periodically to see what I have come up with.

As many of you know I am always tinkering with this site to add more features. I am in the process of making some more changes, so bookmark or add to your favorites this site so that you can check back regularly. Check the table below for links to other interesting areas of this site. The Gallery has been beefed up with more pictures and several film reviews have been added with more to come.

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There have been some new releases of John Wayne films in the last several months. You can get informed about the new releases and information about John Wayne by subscribing to our FREE website newletter here.

Recently released new book, The John Wayne Code: Wit, Wisdom and Timeless Advice. Also two Blu-Ray releases by Warner Archive are Blood Alley and The Sea Chase. For these and other gift ideas visit the John Wayne Store. We have added many new non-John Wayne DVDs and redesigned this portion of the store.

Bear Manor Media released a mammoth book (1018 pages) about the making the John Wayne's The Alamo by John Farkis. The full title is Not Thinkin'... Just Rememberin'... The Making of John Wayne's "The Alamo".

We would like your input, please go to Newt's John Wayne Site Polls page. There are three polls currently going, Blu-Ray or Not! Poll, John Wayne Film Poll, and Rate This Site Poll. Submit all or any of the current polls. Your input is valuable for the future of this site.

Campfire Conversations Complete is available, order your copy today. This is a companion volume to the 2007 Deluxe Centennial Edition of interviews with co-workers of John Wayne.

This site is in no way associated with the John Wayne estate, family, or business enterprises. This is just a John Wayne fan website, a family website, for the enjoyment and appreciation of the actor, producer, director, and great american - John Wayne.

 Newt's John Wayne Store Banner

Newt's Classic Movie Store Banner

The John Wayne store has many sections:

In the movies section Blu-Rays - Blu-Ray discs of John Wayne films plus a section of Blu-Ray discs not starring the Duke. Olive Films has acquired the Republic Pictures rights from Paramount Pictures. They have previously released, on Blu-Ray and DVD other John Wayne films, such as, Rio Grande and 4 Three Mesquiteers films, check the store for these releases. Here is hoping that they will release (and re-master) other John Wayne films in the near future.

In the DVDs section - There are John Wayne DVDS, Non-John Wayne DVDs, some by directors that the Duke worked with most often. DVD Boxed Sets and Special Features Documentaries on DVD and Blu-Ray. For classic film fans and those looking for hard to find DVDs, check out the Newt's Movie Store page.

In the music section you can get the CD of John Wayne's 1973 album America, Why I Love Her. Also there are CDs of film themes and scores and other western music.

In the books section, one page of John Wayne books and a page of books about other actors and actresses, plus books of interest about Hollywood. And for those too busy to read, especially if you are on the go all the time Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks

There are other sections of interest such as posters and pictures of John Wayne and some of his female co-stars and other western themes.

The last section is Misc Goodies, items that didn't fit into the other categories. This section has been re-done with 2018 calendar, puzzles, T-Shirts, shot glassess, playing cards, John Wayne-opoly game, bottle cooler, John Wayne grilling sauce and spice rubs, bacon flavored cocoa mix and all kinds of unusual things.

I hope you will visit the John Wayne Store and check out all of the interesting items that we offer. Scroll down the main store page for many specials that are of interest to John Wayne fans and classic movie fans as well. If your are not shopping at the John Wayne Store soon, you're burnin' daylight!

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